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Where you can find the special pop up extras! Please do take note that these extras are NOT CANON and you should take them with a grain of salt.


I take pictures from my TV and post them here. It takes a while and it's not always the best of quality, so please be patient - I'll get to them ASAP; once or twice a week, on the weekends. Nothing belongs to me, I'm just a fan, spreading the fan-lyness. I hope you all enjoy them, but they are definitely not canon unless otherwise stated. I'll be sure to point the mistakes out for you guys since there are many, many errors in them.

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Korra Nation!



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DAMMIT NICK! I was going to watch the 8 episodes of Korra that korranation posted on Saturday. And look at what i see!


I decided that I’ll be doing a Vlog everyday for the month of August, it’s my birthday month and I’ll be traveling a bit, but if you have any ideas of other thing I should do to close out my summer, hit me up & maybe we can hang out & you can make it in my vids! Check out my YouTube at: thedantebasco https://m.youtube.com/user/thedantebasco

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this is what happened, right?

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One down, eight to go….



As the Ballroom 20 line reaches the official front of the line, the entire Korra Line party shares a celebratory high five. People have been lined up since 1pm YESTERDAY just to get the best possible spot for Korra. Go fandom!

Can’t stop smiling at this incredible footage we just found via jennyatsdcc :)

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Here’s a good article that lists the viewing options for Legend of Korra as it currently stands. Unfortunately, it’s not available on iTunes at the moment. Episodes will be available on Nick.com at 12 PM eastern every Friday, starting this Friday, Aug 1st (the other outlets should be available shortly thereafter, with Hulu being a couple weeks behind the others). One episode per week, until Aug. 22nd, when the 2-part finale will be released. Thanks for sticking with the show! Some of the best episodes are yet to come.


just when we thought nickelodeon had done it all


Legend of Korra, Book 3: New Official Trailer (HD)

The Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change brand new FULL trailer for the second half of Book 3. 


avatar’s most powerful scenes → Azula’s breakdown

"Even you fear me."

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