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Where you can find the special pop up extras! Please do take note that these extras are NOT CANON and you should take them with a grain of salt.


I take pictures from my TV and post them here. It takes a while and it's not always the best of quality, so please be patient - I'll get to them ASAP; once or twice a week, on the weekends. Nothing belongs to me, I'm just a fan, spreading the fan-lyness. I hope you all enjoy them, but they are definitely not canon unless otherwise stated. I'll be sure to point the mistakes out for you guys since there are many, many errors in them.

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Korra Nation!

New behind the scenes vid from the Legend of Korra video game! [X]
Release datesPS3, PS4, & Steam: Oct 21Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Oct 22


New behind the scenes vid from the Legend of Korra video game! [X]

Release dates
PS3, PS4, & Steam: Oct 21
Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Oct 22

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Originally planned to be an assortment of submissions inserted into a binder and presented to Bryan and Mike and New York Comic Con, Book 5: Fandom has evolved into something a bit more epic. Our team has enlisted some highly qualified and passionate fans who are helping us transform this humble collaboration into a full-on publication.  In short, think: official Legend of Korra artbook, but instead of containing concept art and behind-the-scenes commentary, it will consist of your letters, photographs and fanart. Additionally we have overhauled our sorting and proofing process to make managing the ever growing slew of submissions a more feasible undertaking.


Book cover template without cover art 


What the book’s pages will look like


This gift will not be mass-produced; only a few hard copies will be printed for Bryan, Mike, Janet, and whoever else on the Korra team might want one. Considering we have agreed to keep all submissions confidential, if a digital version of this book is ever released, it will be slightly abridged, as we will be required to omit any submissions that we do not receive permission to publicly share. The unabridged digital version, containing unprintable media (aka video), will also be sent to those receiving hard copies.


IMPORTANT: If you have submitted or plan on submitting something through Tumblr, there are high chances of your work being resized to meet Tumblr’s size limits. To avoid this, please provide a link instead to the work you would like to submit. Dropbox, Google Drive, Mediafire are all good services to use for this.

In addition to that, we are aiming for top quality art pieces to put into the book. This is why we are asking you all to provide work that is print-ready. Please prepare your work as close to 300DPI (dots per inch) as possible, so that when printed, it will be viewed in its high resolution beauty. (Note that standard photos/images online are only 72DPI, which makes them a lot smaller when sending to print).

Also for those that submitted photographs of your hand-drawn work, you may want to consider scanning them and sending us that instead.  



The deadline for re-submissions as well as new submissions is Sunday, October 19th @ 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time (New York City time).

For more info on Book 5: Fandom and/or to submit something via Tumblr please click HERE

You can also send submissions via email to book5fandom@yahoo.com


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Nostalgia’s been hitting us pretty hard these days…


i think

i figured out a scientific explanation for spirits and the spirit world

ok bear with me for a moment while i lay some groundwork

if you have a 3d sphere and it’s passing through a 2d plane, from the perspective of the 2d plane it would first appear as a dot (when the sphere is just…


Preview clip from Episode 4 of Book 4, “The Calling” [x].

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Who run the world? Prince Wu! That’s who!

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Oh yeah! The latest Legend of Korra episode is online

Watch it now