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Where you can find the special pop up extras! Please do take note that these extras are NOT CANON and you should take them with a grain of salt.


I take pictures from my TV and post them here. It takes a while and it's not always the best of quality, so please be patient - I'll get to them ASAP; once or twice a week, on the weekends. Nothing belongs to me, I'm just a fan, spreading the fan-lyness. I hope you all enjoy them, but they are definitely not canon unless otherwise stated. I'll be sure to point the mistakes out for you guys since there are many, many errors in them.

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Korra Nation!


Jinora got her tattoos and it was the most amazing scene in the whole book 

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It will be the last one ever for Korra.

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where is katara 2k14

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What makes this finale’s end so good is the fact that Korra doesn’t voice her emotions or the weight of the experience she has just endured. We leave Book 3 with Korra crippled physically, mentally, and spiritually. And while we can hypothesize how this ordeal might have injured her body and soul,…


Nick has put up “The Spirit of an Episode” features for Free on Amazon and Google Play, which feature crew members discussing all 13 episodes of Book 3.

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Re-blog if you think book 4 will be titled balance.


we waited a 100 episodes for this moment. time well spent.


i’m so glad that little slacker joined up! I’m not talking about Kai, the guy with the glasses. 

23 Hours left until the finale!

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In Episode 44 of Korracast, our Viewer Response prompt was to create a piece of Photoshop or Fan Art depicting your favorite Avatar or Legend of Korra characters in brand new clothing. Send us your best work and our favorite will win a signed Korra poster!

Entries can be submitted at our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/korracast

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